Survivor Stories, Loss of a parent

A message to Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda

As I hurtle, disbelievingly, towards 29 August, the 10-year anniversary of my Dad’s death, I am catapulted back to those first days in 2004 on hearing of Robin Williams’ suicide this morning. They call suicide “grieving with the volume turned up”. For anyone to lose a parent is hell, but to know that they did… Read more »

To know your history

A glorious spring day.  A pub lunch, then a drive down the country lanes where I spent my childhood. We pass the house where I lived and, a few moments later, park the car on the wide verge.  We get out of the car and proceed to walk back along the quiet country lane.  Daughters,… Read more »

Learning to live life

It was the summer of 1980 and I was seventeen years old. I was in love for the first time and worked in a tiny chemist. I really thought I was the bees and knees – hair in pigtails, overdone eye makeup and my white uniform with its little blue collar.  I was so happy… Read more »

Learning to survive

It was when I was being driven away in a police car that I knew something was wrong.  I was only 3 and a half years old, but I was mature beyond my tiny years!  That’s all I really remember from that fateful night in 1975 when I would never see my parents again. I… Read more »