Many people find comfort in reading about the experiences and thoughts of others.  Our support groups often have a small selection of books that you can borrow, alternatively your local library may be able to obtain them for you if you don’t want to buy your own copies.

Listed below are books about suicide bereavement which you may find helpful, we have grouped them under broad headings:

If you have any relevant books which you no longer require and you would like to donate them, please get in contact with your local group or you can send them to our national office.


General resources and studies

A Special Scar: The Experiences of People Bereaved by Suicide – Alison Wertheimer


Grief After Suicide – Understanding the Consequences and Caring for Survivors – John R Jordan and John L McIntosh


A Winding Road – A Handbook for Those Supporting the Bereaved – Michelle Linn-Gust and John Peters


Silent Grief – Living in the Wake of Suicide – Christopher Lukas and Henry M Seiden


Coping with Suicide – Maggie Helen

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Personal accounts

Dying to Be Free: A Healing Guide for Families after a Suicide – Beverly Cobain & Jean Larch


A Voice for Those Bereaved by Suicide – Sarah McCarthy


Shades of Suicide: Open Verdict / Suicide Bereavement – Ann M Davies and Professor John Goodridge


Surviving Suicide: Help to Heal Your Heart – Heather Hays


No Time to Say Goodbye – Carla Fine


The Scent of Dried Roses – Tim Lott


Do They Have Bad Days in Heaven: Surviving the Suicide Loss of a Sibling -Michelle Linn-Gust

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Children and families

Beyond the Rough Rock: Supporting a Child Who Has Been Bereaved Through Suicide – J A Stokes, D Stubbs and Heidi Baker (Winstons Wish)


Rocky Roads – The Journeys of Families through Suicide Grief – Michelle Linn Gust


But I Didn’t Say Goodbye: Helping Children and Families After a Suicide – Barbara Rubel


Breaking the Silence – A Guide to Helping Children with Complicated Grief – Linda Goldman


Red Chocolate Elephants: For Children Bereaved by Suicide – Diana C Sands PhD

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