Spread the word

Many people have never heard of us – many will never need our help and most cannot imagine that a suicide will ever affect them.

But when it happens, it is so important that they get the right help and support.  When a suicide happens, there are a number of organisations and professions that the bereaved may come into contact with.  We know that when these people know about us, they share our details with those who have been bereaved.   Help us by spreading the word and raising awareness  about us.

If you know people working in the following professions, tell them about us and encourage them to take a look at our website for more information:

  • GPs and health professionals
  • Funeral directors
  • Police
  • Coroners

Contact our office if you would like some business cards that include our website and helpline details, also for a small fee we can provide bulk supplies of our publication Support After a Suicide.