Answering the helpline

We operate a national helpline, open from 9am to 9pm 365 days a year.  We take calls from anyone who is over 18 and it is an opportunity for people to talk with someone who has been bereaved by suicide.  Find out more about calling the helpline.

Helpline volunteers listen to callers, answer any questions they have and arrange to send them further information if required.  Sometimes callers may ask you to share your personal story.   They have shifts assigned in advance and the telephone line is diverted to their land line for these shifts.  Some people have a different ring tone assigned for helpline calls.

Great helpline volunteers do more listening than talking, are comfortable listening to the experiences of others and pay attention to their own wellbeing and boundaries.

Helpline volunteers must have been bereaved by suicide themselves, not less than 3 years previously.  This shared experience with the people who call us is a really important part of what makes them so effective.  People feel that they will be understood.

We provide training and the opportunity to attend our conferences.

Find out about current opportunities on our helpline – if you are interested in volunteering, please complete a HELPLINE VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM APRIL 2017